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Ruthenian, and a Caucasian question.We have, b●esides, a peasant question, a labor que●stion, and a sectarian question, a●nd, moreover, a student quest▓ion also.Wherever you cut into the conglo▓merate of the Russian populat●ion, lengthwise or crosswise●, everywhere you strike conflicts, comb●ustibles, and tension.Not a single one of the p▓roblems whic

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h may exist in organi●zed states in general is solved, bu▓t every one has been made burning● and dangerous through unskilful, brutal, and▓ even malicious handling. Th●e man who spoke in this way was not a Liberal, b▓ut a Conservative aristocrat in the s●tate service.I had reserved him for the ●end in my journey of research.After I had h▓ad conversations with high[Pg 236] officia●ls in the departments of education ●and of finance, with men like Pri▓nce Ukhtomski, with bankers and with lawy

e●rs, and had heard always the same story ▓of the instability of things and the● worthlessness of the régime, I turned to the f●riends who by their influence had smoothed the ▓way for me everywhere, and said to the●m: This cannot go on.I did not come▓ to Russia merely to be shot, as it were, o▓ut of a pneumatic tube through a collection of ●Liberal and Radical malcontents.I do no●t wish to hear merely the opposition in Russia.▓ You must gain access for me to some pr●ominent Conservative also, one who stands on ●the basis of the present system, and who hone▓stly and in good faith d

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efends it.It need not ▓be Suvorin or any other man of questionable h▓onor, for I myself can apply Stahl's theorie▓s to Russian conditions.It m●ust be a sincere, reputable, and sensible ●man with whom I can discuss the m▓ost widely different quest

ions with or ●without an interpreter; either is the same to ●me. My request was readil▓y granted.A scholar admired alm▓ost to the point of worship,▓ in whose house I had been enter▓tained, gave me a letter to ▓the Conservative

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ys parted from my autho●rities—that is, what he believed the i●mmediate future contained for Russia—this pr▓ofessor, whose department I am ▓not at liberty to indicate, but▓ of whom I can say that he is particularly w●ell informed, gave the following answer: [▓Pg 234] We are exhausted.The transi●tion to the financing of railroads, tariff l●egislation, the tigh

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received ▓a reply stating that he would expe▓ct me that same afternoon. [Pg 237] I● must confess that I anticipated ●this interview with some qua▓lms.It w

as towards the end of my v●isit.The results hitherto obtained ha●d the disadvantage of a certain mon▓otony of sombreness, with, however, the advan▓tage also that each succeeding intervi▓ew only strengthened the impression● gained from previous ones.Thu●s by degrees I had formed a very sh▓arply defined image of Russian con▓ditions—such an image as is pictured i▓n the mind of the thinking Russ▓ian.Was this clear and distin●ct image now to be dispelled by the lye of ▓this Conservati

as interested. I do not wish, I be●gan, to go through Russia in blin▓ders.If your excellency, as a Conservat▓ive, will have the goodness t▓o refute what I have heard hitherto, and wi▓ll give me more accurate inform▓ation, I shall be under great obl▓igation. What have you heard asked the▓ count.

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  • nces.In ▓one way or another a change must ▓take place, and we must hold fast to the hop▓e of better things. FOOTNOTES: [8] T●he Russian is liberal until his thirtie●th year?/li>
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